Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust

Evelina London, Oral Health

Windows into another world

Art in Site were hired as art consultants for the new Oral Health department following the success of our wayfinding project at the Evelina London main site. During our research we found that children find it difficult to keep still whilst receiving dental treatment, leading to distress and disruption. In response, we decided to develop a series of ceiling panels – designed to look like windows into a fantasy world – which appear overhead when seated in the dentist’s chair. These provide a means of focusing and distracting attention during treatment, thus reducing the usual fidgeting and distress.

Friendly distraction

As children lie back to receive treatment, they are greeted with friendly faces in the clouds above.

The unit is comprised of a number of rooms, each with its own distinctive set of characters and scenes, which have been drawn by illustrator Kiriko Kubo. Children returning to receive treatment are greeted with a fresh new scene to explore.

A playful wait

The characters also bring distraction and reassurance around the walls of the clinical space. They also spill out into corridors, making the wait for the dentist more friendly and playful.

Date 2015
Sector Healthcare
Service Hospital, Oral Health
Commissioned by Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Trust
Artists Art in Site, Kiriko Kubo
Users Children & Families