About Us

What we do

We design entire environments incorporating artwork, interior design, wayfinding, digital interactions, and furniture.

We are leaders in providing a complete set of in-house skills to support artists in creating work for the demands of complex construction projects.

A colourful installation spans hospital floors, helping with wayfinding across the site.
An app for children uses illustrated scenarios to relieve fear and anxiety at A&E.

Who we are

Our team hails from diverse backgrounds including engineering, market research, film, information design, fine art, graphic design, advertising, interior design... What unites us is a love of creativity, and a desire to do good with it.

Louisa Williams

Founder & Director

Martin Jones

Director & Artist

Peter Shenai

Creative Strategist & Artist

Celia Knox

Designer & Artist

Chloe Northover-Naylor

Interior Designer

Scott Leslie

Project Manager

What we make

Our expertise covers a range of materials and media. We are able to give individual artists the technical support and advice they need in order to ensure their work integrates successfully into a service environment.

Our approach

New projects

We produce art schemes that integrate directly into new architectural builds, or department refurbishments.

Team Building

We start each project by assembling a bespoke, multidisciplinary team.


We gather the team to discuss the potential roles for art and the larger ambitions for the new service. We approach these sessions with an open, ambitious attitude, asking basic questions of a wide audience. This unearths the realities of the situation from all angles.

A Shared Vision

We are good at listening. But we also draw on our experience, helping to guide our clients to see creative opportunities they haven’t thought of. Eventually, we arrive at an inspiring shared vision for art that fits with reality.


Next, we go to the drawing board and start planning what to make with our artists. During this phase we brainstorm, test, and develop our ideas iteratively, making prototypes and sketches.


We take ideas and prototypes into workshop sessions with users, staff, and others, in order to elicit feedback and develop concepts co-creatively with the rest of the team.


Throughout the process, we act as the point of liaison with other design teams, ensuring that no opportunity is missed for integrating artwork into the building, and keeping a clear channel of communication open between all team members.


Once we have finalised concepts for artworks, we oversee construction and manufacture of artwork, alongside logistics and installation of final work.


We believe in the value of what we do. So after we have finished a project, we present our work and learnings at conferences, where we share ideas about how art can be used to improve service design of the future.


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