Logandene Older Person’s Assessment Unit

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

Embodied, physical interactions

Logandene serves a patient group with dementia. When we first spoke to carers and staff, it became clear that there was a need for artworks that would encourage embodied, active, physical interactions: as one of the staff said, “we need people to stand up, to become more aware of their bodies and environment… to investigate the world in the present”.

Designed to be integrated with care programmes

Building on our learnings from Lambourn Grove, our scheme for Logandene includes a set of interactive wall pieces encompassing images, objects, sculptural forms, bright colours, and textures. Accompanied by handrails and placed at strategic points across the site, these artworks integrate with daily schedules, offering multi sensory stimulation throughout, and encouraging bodily movement and exercise. The art is designed to be used as part of Occupational Therapists’ care programmes, and is the result of a series of workshops between artists, staff, carers, patients and family.


Date 2017

Sector Mental Health

Service Older Person's Care Unit

Commissioned by Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

Artist Art in Site

Users People with dementia

Awards Design in Mental Health 2017; Winner, The Wellbeing Award