Homerton Hospital, Emergency Dept.

Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Colour and pattern

We produced a set of crisp, colourful patterns for Homerton Hospital Emergency dept., which help to enliven the space and aid wayfinding. 

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As a patient moves through the space, they encounter a set of bold, wall-mounted trays – "infoslices” – which are colour and pattern coordinated to each sub department. Each infoslice contains the key information a patient needs to be able to understand where they are, what happens there, and what to do next.


Some infoslices have been taken into the older (un-refurbished) parts of the building, helping to freshen these areas and bring visual consistency across the entire patient journey.

Date: 2018-19

Sector: Healthcare

Service: Hospital, Emergency Department

Commissioned by: Homerton University Hospital

Artists: Artinsite

Users: Adult Patients