Lambourne Grove Older Person’s Continuing Care Unit

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

Two sculptures for people with dementia

‘Bringing in the Everyday’ is the title of two interactive, customisable sculptures – made by Art in Site in collaboration with artist Maryrose Sinn, and installed at Lambourn Grove, Elderly Healthcare Unit. Both sculptures were designed for a user group that includes people with complex dementia cases, some of whom who have lost the ability to comprehend and use language.

‘Shelf Work’ is an interactive mantel shelf, designed to accommodate everyday objects and photographs that can be swapped, handled, and rearranged by anyone visiting the unit. It provides a safe and controlled means to personalise the environment.

‘Floating Discs’ is a kinetic arrangement of hoops featuring images of local places and points of interest. The images are useful as prompts and memory-triggers for conversation with patients.


Co-designed with the user group

The designs for the artwork arose out of a series of hands-on, immersive workshops with staff, users and families all participating. We also consulted occupational therapists, who provided valuable insights into the needs of users, including the importance of having visual stimulation, and objects that would encourage spatial play/investigation. Accordingly, many of the items can be picked up, and manipulated in space, and feature vibrant bright colours.

With their bold colours and their ever-changing forms, the sculptures provide both a focal point to the environment, and interactive communication between service users and carers.

Project completed 2016

Commissioned by Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

Artist Maryrose Sinn, Art in Site

Awards Winner, Wellbeing Award (Design in Mental Health Awards 2017)