Children's Emergency, King’s College Hospital

King’s College Hospital NHS FT

Bringing a jungle of fun to children’s a&e

In 2017 King’s College London approached us with a request to develop an integrated arts scheme to make their new A&E as child friendly as possible. With a quick turnaround required, we integrated drawings of animals onto walls and ceilings, with vibrantly coloured Trovex paneling, and strategically placed columns of text at the point of need.


Playful integration

We commissioned illustrator Richard Hogg to produce a illustrations of different animals, directing him to bring a medical touch – in the form of equipment (eg. a stethoscope), and treatments (eg. a cast).


Art in Site took his drawings and began the task of distributing them across the environment. We developed a detailed rigorous interior design scheme that capitalizes on opportunities for integrating animals and colorful paneling into as many surfaces of the unit as possible.

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The animals playfully adopt their space – they peek out from behind objects, swim across walls, fly alongside information, and more...


The department is split up into different cubicles, each of which has a unique set of colours and drawings that have been choreograph across the room, bringing a unique character to the modular-designed interior.


Testing CW

Date 2017

Sector Healthcare

Service Children's Emergency department

Comissioner King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Artist Art in Site, Richard Hogg

Users Children & Families