Hillingdon Hospital, Beaconsfield Older Persons Assessment Ward

Hillingdon Uxbridge Hospitals NHS

Familiar objects

The Beaconsfield East Ward was designed to support and care for patients with dementia. As part of the refurbishment, we introduced large pastel artworks by Angela A’Court throughout the space, each one depicting familiar objects that were likely to have played an everyday role in any patient’s life.


Triggering memories & assisting wayfinding

Familiar, everyday objects were chosen for each painting, in order to help to trigger memories of the patient’s past, to make them feel comfortable, to facilitate conversation, and assist their well-being. Each painting was confined to a specific colour palette to lodge more firmly in the patient’s memory.


The pictures were placed strategically around the ward in order to assist in wayfinding and mapping of the ward. People with dementia often find it easier to navigate using pictures, and so we placed images of domestic objects in vibrant colours near the bedside, in order to allow people to find their way “home” more easily.


Dementia cafe

In order to ensure that the work would appeal to a wide demographic, we took prints to a local dementia cafe, at which family members, staff, and individuals with early/mid/late dementia were able to comment on the pieces and provide feedback.


Lovely new premises, airy, light; feels more like a home, less like a hospital ward.

- Entry in visitor Log Book

Date 2013

Sector Mental Health

Service Older Person's Care Unit

Commissioned by Hillingdon Uxbridge Hospitals NHS

Artist Angela A'Court

Users People with dementia

Awards Building Better Healthcare Awards 2014; Winner, Award for Best Internal Environment