Snow Fox, Evelina 1+

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust

Find the foxes!

In Snow Fox ward patients need a stimulating, enlivening environment that distracts from anxieties and distress during return day-visits and diagnostic checks. We integrated illustrations by Andy Goodman into bedheads, illuminated ceiling tiles, and corridor walls, providing a smorgasbord of reassurance and distraction for patients of all ages.

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Large-scale cut artwork extends the full length of the ward, using Infection Control approved wall cladding as a material to create marquetry animal shapes and abstract forms that integrate playfully into the environment at low cost.


Unique bedhead illustrations from Andy Goodman carry a visual/linguistic puns, providing the much needed humour and variety to brighten up short stay, frequent return visits.“Some children choose to explore the department to go and see all the bedheads during their visit. There’s something for everyone… no matter your age” – Debbie Komaromy, Head of Nursing, Evelina London.  Alongside, wipeable name boards help to personalise spaces and give a temporary sense of home. 


Overhead illustrated ceiling tiles carry maze like puzzles, offering something newly distracting and delightful to explore for every visit, or an ice-breaker for new conversations between staff and patients.


Our artwork helps to instil a culture of friendliness and familiarity – doctors and patients get to know each other as there  are lots of return short visits, and the artwork becomes a point of reference for those interactions - helping to foster a culture in which families and staff can relax, play and chat in moments of downtime. 

This case study is part of the wider “Evelina 1+” project – featuring seven departments incorporating art, interior design, playful journeys, empathetic storytelling, & digital interactions. See Projects for all Evelina 1+ case studies, or for an in-depth look at our process and engagement see here

The artwork has been supported by Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity, which helps create a world-class environment for patients, staff and visitors at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. Find out more at


Date 2021

Sector Healthcare

Children's Healthcare Hospital, Emergency Department (A&E)

Commissioned Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Trust

Artist Art in Site, Paul Thurlby

User Group Children & Families

Awards European Healthcare Design 2021; Highly Commended, Interior Design & Arts

Building Better Healthcare Awards 2021; Winner, Best Interior Design Project – refurbishment; In collaboration with Sonnemann Toon