Chesterfield Royal Hospital, NGS Macmillan Unit

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS FT; Macmillan Cancer Support

Weaving the light

The NGS Macmillan Unit at Chesterfield Royal Hospital features artworks by a group of artists and designers, curated by Art in Site, who worked closely with the buildings architects, in consultation with staff and patients.


Painting the light

Rebecca Salter created a decorative motif for the building – beginning with an ink drawing on paper, which she separated into strips and wove into new structures, This pattern appears in silver leaf brush strokes, hand painted onto walls behind the reception desks. It also features on wayfinding signs, and on the organic cotton blankets provided to patients when receiving treatment.

“Weaving the light”

Rebecca Salter took the colours of the surrounding countryside and wove them into a hanging textile. This acts as a privacy screen dividing the waiting area from the clinical corridors, and was hand-made from recycled materials on a traditional loom. The coloured blocks from the screen are further explored in a set of geometric colours and forms, which appear on the ash cupboards, wall panels and glazing.

The flora of derbyshire

Drawings of flowers with a four seasons’ border of the Derbyshire dales, by David Jones hang in quiet spaces and consulting rooms, brining a touch of the hand-drawn and natural into the medical environment.

Date 2016 - 2017

Sector Healthcare

Service Cancer support

Commissioned by Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS FT, Macmillan Cancer Support

Artists Art in Site, David Jones, Rebecca Salter

Users Cancer patients