Our work for Lambourn Grove has won the wellbeing prize at the Design in Mental Health Awards, 2017.

The project features work made for people with dementia and their family and support community. It includes interactive sculpture, which can provide family members and staff with a new set of ways of interacting with people with advanced dementia (even those who have lost their speech/speech comprehension).

Speaking about the project, the judges said:

“Art in Site has created a project which in itself provides wellbeing benefits for families and carers of service users, able to interact with severe dementia sufferers to communicate through non-verbal means. The outworkings of this process... provide an ongoing toolset to engage this very challenging group in activity which brings demonstrable wellbeing benefits.”

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Art in Site director Louisa Williams also spoke in the conference about the follow-on project to Lambourn Grove, at Logandene, where we made a series of interactive wall-based pieces that help stimulate the senses and encourage exercise.

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